Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pocket Letter Addict? - Me?

Hmmm well, yes, okay - I freely admit - that the past six weeks or so I have been engrossed - in pocket letters!! I joined up with lots of swaps and joined lots of groups, and yes, I have been very very busy creating these wonderful ways of contacting people from all over the world, that are just as bonkers about crafting as I am! I have created a varied mix of themes, and received some wonderful ones back. I have long term health issues and chronic pain so it's not always possible for me to do crafting, but when I can, it is so therapeutic and takes my mind off it all. I have a LOT of pocket letters to catch up on - as had a couple of weeks where I couldn't do much of anything - so I shall be busy busy this half term catching up! Here are some I have made recently:

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