Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ike'sworld Design Team

It's a happy happy day - not only is the sun shining and I managed to get 5 hours sleep (that's a lot for me), I found out last night I'd been offered a place on Ike'sworld's design team.

Thank you so much Ike for this opportunity and I'm looking forward to my first project as part of the DT.

My first DT project will be on the blog on 18th October, but remember, there's a challenge every fortnight on Ike'sworld Challenge Blog so do pop on over to take a look at all the lovely creations by the entire team.

Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle xxx


  1. Congratulations on joining Ike's DT! Look forward seeing your makes!!

  2. Congratulations on joining Ike's World.
    it will be a fun time.

  3. YaY ! Great to have you Michelle and thanks for the 'shout' xx

  4. Great idea for this post! / Congratulations. /
    Good luck
    and Michelle,
    I am glad that we are on the same team!

  5. Congrats! Love all the projects you have done, I hope you can continue to hop!

    1. Hi - thanks so much. Sadly I've had to stop the hop due to my health not being as good as I'd hoped to be able to get the projcts done in advance. I am so disappoited about it but shall try to add some on as and when I have other DT work that is suitable and will try again next year to do the whole hop. Will catch up with the other wicked bloggers and comment still though xxx


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