Thursday, 13 August 2015

ATCs and Xmas tags, pocket letters and embossing

Wow it's been a while since I wrote here - sorry about that - I have been crazy busy with crafting, summer holidays and doing normal stuff - just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day right now.

So what have I been doing recently? Well, I made a few items I've never attempted before, some came out okay and others I'm more pleased with.

Firstly I did my first attempt at ATCs - the theme was animals. Never having done them before, I read up -and plenty of people used old playing cards, so I rummaged and found some dubious cheap 'tarot' cards and thought they'd do. I covered the one side with various pieces of DS papers I had in my scrap pile that I tore up and then layered it with stamped images and various die cut pieces like a frame, butterflies, flowers etc, then I covered with Mod Podge and added the little metal embellies. Okay for a first attempt.

My next project was for a set of three Xmas tags - in July. Hmmm I wanted something a little different and had seen a technique I really liked the look of on You Tube - triple embossing - and thought these tags would be the perfect thing to practise on. So I used pignment inks to stamp on paper and then with clear embossing powder I heated it up three times and on the third time I used a rubber stamp with white or gold ink to press into the molten embossed powder to form a pattern and left to cool. I made a mistake and used pigment ink on part of the reverse (little cute baubles at the bottom in different colours) and had to emboss those to set them - but it started to melt the front so I did it quickly and hoped I didn't ruin the fronts. Again, this project went okay.

Next, I did a pocket letter swap - I had never heard of these and so again, used the internet and You Tube to research. It took me a long while to get going with this one and it took a whole afternoon to do, but I actually really enjoyed it once I got going! These are playing card sized cards again - so ATCs but simplified. You choose a theme, and then using that theme you choose items to add to decorate the cards, but also what little gifts you will put in the various pockets of your letter. One pocket is reserved for the letter to your swap partner, but the rest can be filled with ribbon, pegs, stickers, die cut pieces, etc. I loved finding bits to add - and even added a tea bag which is a traditional item used.

 Lastly and more recently, I produced my first embossed card - I didn't know what to use - I am limited to what embossing folders I have - so I scratched my head and again - used one of my favourites - butterflies and a lovely trellis pattern I have. So I used two embossing folders and a lovely set of papers which have a thick luxurious feel and a glittery look on some of the pages. Again not my finest work, but I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt and it's being given to a friend of mine so I hope she likes it.

That's it for now - and no challenges to enter right now - although I'm hoping to be entering more in the following days and weeks.

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